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Built-in 3D pathfinder for wide spaces: malls, airports, cruise ships, hospitals and other large spaces.

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What is 3D Route?

An indoor location application
and experience in augmented reality.

The great difference of the 3D Route is to offer to the user the sensation of security and tranquility when one has the PRIOR knowledge of a way to be covered in the most possible way to the reality. It also offers the SIMULTANEOUS path from point A to point B if the user wishes. So the use of 3D feature.

This ensures a unique and unique user experience of this application being that one of the most important senses of a human being is the vision. Through it, anyone gets information from their surroundings. Visual memory shows the high power of the image associated with any recall. Visual memory is recorded in people’s ability to visualize special situations in their mind.

3D Route favors the use of this type of memory when it offers the user the experience of being able to see the route in advance in 3D as if it had already passed through the place and as if it had been real.

The project is promising and through this search we seek to obtain specialized labor resources in the various competent IT sectors (mobile development, 3D, RA B. Data, Web development and multimedia development)

Psychic Factor

Researches point out that resource-based orientation experiences that are closer to reality, favor satisfaction with the safety and well-being of the user in a given place. Offer a solution that replaces the inadequate notion of orientation, laterality and direction of the user contributing to add a potential niche of people with good purchasing power in the matter of consumption.

3D Route in Institutions

There is a need for an application that offers a more intuitive experience taking into account people with problems of laterality steering in hospitals, airports, cruise ships and shopping malls adding escape resources in case of emergencies.

Augmented Reality

In augmented reality (AR), the user continues to see the real world, complemented by some virtual elements. From the application the device recognizes the images and promotes a 3D interaction. Including augmented reality on the 3D Route during the journey or during the user’s stay in trades offers new experiences and buying possibilities.

A location with the feel of a video game

Application for Internal Location System.

3D Route software has existed for over 13 years. For this reason, he is undoubtedly a visionary project and finds himself at this very moment in a position to conquer the apex of ascension.

Thus, it is possible to enable the technological design and develop a configuration compatible with the current version of the hardware of the current smartphones.



Creativity for the Benefit of Humanity

Mission: Be a reference in simplifying paths, with the best sensory experience of localization.

Vision: Inform, entertain, optimize the time spent on commuting, shortening distances between people.

Values: Creativity for the benefit of humanity, uniting people with confidence and sustainability.

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